How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It will ordinarily take 2-5 days for your order to make its way from our warehouse to your door. You will receive tracking info as soon as your order ships.

What’s the difference between the styles of insole?

Our Athletic/Active style is a thicker insole with a layer of super-soft memory foam and ideal for all shoes and boots that have a fair bit of room and usually have a removable liner or insole. Perfect for running shoes, casual shoes and winter boots.

Our Casual/Flats style is a designed with a thinner profile and ideal for all shoes and boots that are slim- fitting. Perfect for casual flats, dress shoes, Toms, Ballerina flats, Loafers, Mary Janes and tight-fitting dress boots, slouch boots and rain boots.

I am in between shoe sizes, what size MommySteps should I order?

If you are having trouble deciding on what size to order it’s better to order your MommySteps in one half size larger because you can always trim the toe area of larger size insole if needed.

Can I transfer the insoles between shoes?

Yes as long as the shoes you are transferring to are similar in shape, otherwise it’s best to purchase both styles Casual/Flats and Athletic/Active so that you can accommodate all shoe styles.

Can I give MommySteps as a gift?

Absolutely! We have lots of customers that purchase MommySteps for their spouse, friend, sister, daughter, baby shower gift, etc. Because you may not know the exact size or style that the person you are giving them to needs, we have gift cards that you can purchase and send directly to that special someone so that they can select their own size and style.

How long will my MommySteps last?

They will definitely last through your entire pregnancy and you can continue to wear them after you give birth. The need for proper foot support continues after pregnancy.

Do I need to cut the insoles to size, or can I trim them if necessary?

MommySteps come in all sizes so trimming is usually unnecessary. IF you find them a little too long you can easily trim them.

Do I have to heat-mould MommySteps in order to use them?

No. You can place MommySteps in your footwear without heating them and right out of the box you will notice a huge difference in your comfort. MommySteps will naturally mould to your foot shape in a few days. Heating MommySteps first just accelerates the custom fit.

Who Makes MommySteps?

MommySteps is a passionate group of people that have been making high quality orthotics and insoles since 2014 under the parent company FORM Premium Insoles. After receiving tons of inquiries from pregnant customers asking for advice and recommendations on the best insole for maternity, the team went to work and created MommySteps.