Choose the perfect insole style to fit your shoes or boots


Let's help those feet of yours!

A properly supported foot is essential throughout each trimester of your pregnancy.

As your pregnancy evolves and your foot profile starts changing, MommySteps' unique molding technology allows your insoles to change with you, keeping a perfect fit throughout each phase of your pregnancy.

A lot happens to your feet in 9 months!

Among the many discomforts women put up with during pregnancy, foot and leg pain are the most common. Natural rapid weight gain and edema (swelling of feet) puts added pressure on feet, knees, and ankles – which can lead to foot pain, knee & back pain, unsightly bunions and Plantar Fasciitis.

Specially designed MommySteps™ Maternity Insoles, winner of "Best New Product - Maternity Category” in the New Product Showcase at the All Baby & Child Kids Expo 2016, combine optimal arch support with a comfortable cradle for your foot and are the perfect solution to help alleviate common foot problems from the start!



MommySteps are MOLDABLE!

They Change Shape as You Change Shape! Warm-up MommySteps in any oven and custom MOLD them! This unique system allows MommySteps to be re-shaped up to 3 times throughout pregnancy for that perfect custom fit during each trimester. Just warm up your MommySteps in any oven to activate the heat-molding technology and your feet will be perfectly primed for all day comfort.

Did You Know?

During pregnancy a certain hormone called Relaxin is released throughout the body which softens the ligaments around the hips and pelvis to get moms ready for birth. This hormone can also cause ligaments in the foot to loosen or stretch resulting in collapsed arches and various foot related problems and may even lead to an increase in shoe size by a half size or more!