Oh How Your Feet Will Change

When it comes to your feet, the hormone Relaxin can be your enemy.

There is no other time in a woman's life when so much wonderful transformation happens in such a short period of time.  This is not good news for your feet.

THE HORMONE RELAXIN - A Blessing and a Curse. 
Relaxin does just what you'd think. It relaxes the ligaments around your hips and pelvis preparing your body for birth. The problem is it doesn’t discriminate which part of your body it affects.  THIS IS BAD NEWS FOR YOUR FEET.

Unfortunately Relaxin takes every strong ligament in your foot and arch and makes it softer and more flexible.  What was once strong is now looser and weaker. As natural weight gain with pregnancy increases, this can start to easily collapse your arch.

Your arches may start collapse - The beginning of the problems
As you gain natural weight with Pregnancy, you will start to put additional pressure on your arches. What was once nature’s way of keeping the bounce in your step, is now weaker and looser than it has ever been. Combine that with the added weight of baby and voila, they may start to collapse under the pressure.  PREVENT THIS WITH MOMMYSTEPS!

Your feet will likely grow – And they may not go back to your normal size
Try to imagine turning a bow (from a bow and arrow) upside down on the floor. Now push down on it! It gets longer as you press down, removing the arc of the bow with the added pressure. Your foot is no different. As natural weight gain occurs, your body bears down on your arch.  This will may collapse and elongate your foot. When the hormone relaxin leaves your body after pregnancy, you may be left with a permanently longer foot. HELP PREVENT THIS WITH MOMMYSTEPS!

Plantar  Fasciitis – The mother of foot pain!
Ouch! Plantar Fasciitis is typically felt as a stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot near your heel. As your arches collapse during pregnancy, the main ligament on the bottom of your foot, called the plantar fascia, will begin to stretch and may become inflamed. This can be alleviated by keeping your arch supported before it becomes an issue. HELP PREVENT PLANTAR FASCIITIS WITH MOMMYSTEPS.

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Trimester One

A little tired, perhaps some morning sickness but no real changes in your feet.

Trimester Two

Your feet are changing. Arches are collapsing, legs are swelling and the hormone relaxin is causing havoc. This is the crucial point to prevent foot and back problems from occurring later in your pregnancy.

Trimester Three

Your arches have further collapsed, your back hurts, your knees are sore and your ankles and feet are swollen. MommySteps can help you get back to normal. Even at 6 months, Mommy Steps can help the issues caused by collapsed arches by propping and properly supporting your arch back into the right position.